Pet Parent and Entrepreneur: Can You Be Both at the Same Time?

If you are starting a business and happen to be adopting a pet at the same time, congratulations on two wonderful new adventures! Someday you will reflect on this time and remember these life-changing events with fondness. For now, you may be wondering what you’re getting yourself into. But with the help of resources like Animal Kingdom of Santa Monica, you can establish a successful business with your furry friend in mind. It all starts with a dependable daily routine.

Planning Your Time

By keeping a consistent routine at home and at work, your new pet will learn that you are dependable and will meet their needs. To help your pet settle in after adoption, start and end your day at around the same time.

 In business, consistency will ensure that you are on track in accomplishing tasks and meeting your responsibilities. Establish a schedule to tackle tasks like inventory, payroll, and monitoring staff. Designate tasks specific to each day of the week so that there are no gaps or oversights.

 It may also help to create a checklist or set reminders on your smartphone for various tasks. Reminders for pet care will also be helpful, particularly if you are new to pet ownership, so you always know when to pick up pet food or schedule vet or grooming appointments.

Trustworthy Services for Your Pets

As your new companion settles in, it will be important to find a vet and groomer to tend to their needs. Animal Kingdom of Santa Monica offers a range of grooming and specialty services that will have your pet looking and feeling spiffy. Locate an experienced vet with an online search, or ask for referrals from family, friends, and colleagues to ensure you find the best possible care for your pet. When shopping for quality pet food, do your research on the best type of food for their breed, size, age, and medical condition (if any). Purchase online and in bulk to save.

Spend Less Time on Work Tasks

For hours that you need to be at work, it may be fun to set up a cozy spot for your furry companion, which will help reduce separation anxiety. Know that your business and your new pet both need your attention, so it is important to tend to both responsibilities using practical resources. Delegate work tasks where you can so you can devote more time tending to your pet’s needs, like housetraining. As a rule, tasks that are not in your wheelhouse, are highly specialized, or are mostly administrative can be outsourced.

 It may be wise to think about hiring service providers for certain tasks, such as accounting, so you are not spending too much time at the office. Or, you may find that getting the paperwork done to set up your business as an LLC will entail a lot of legwork, so it may be worth enlisting the help of a service like ZenBusiness to free up your day for more important business tasks and give you more quality time with your pet. This way, you get things done, enjoy the perks that come with being an LLC while also forging a bond with your newest family member.

 A new pet and business venture are both exciting. The more you plan ahead, the less stressful it will be to manage. Animal Kingdom of Santa Monica can help you in the journey. Visit the shop and blog for the latest pet news and must-haves today.

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