Cat Grooming

Santa Monica, CA

We have cat grooming experts for your pets! 

  • Personal attention
  • One-pet-at-a-time sessions
  • Calm & relaxing Environment
  • Aromatherapy & good music at your requests
  • A special treat for our guests

Our Groom Menu

All grooms include a soothing bath and conditioning treatment, fluff and dry, ear cleaning, gland expression, nail trim, and Tropiclean Gel teeth treatment.

  • Kleen Kat= $90
    • All Kool Kats need a professional cleaning every now and then to help with excess shedding and dander that could cause itching.
  •  Rip Curl Cat= $110+
    • Whether for style or function, our skilled groomers give your cat a chance to express himself with a Lion Cut, Kitten Clip, Peekaboo Cut, Hygiene Clip, or Partial Cut.
  • Soft Paws= $40 (2 Paws)/ $50 (4 Paws)
    • Give your Kitty some color and protect your favorite couch. Your choice of colored or clear acrylic nail caps.
  • Wipe Out= $5 (Single)/ $10 (Double)
    • Add a flea bath (or two) to keep your home flea-free or beat an infestation. We are happy to apply Advantage or Frontline for an additional fee.
  • Bikini/Sani= $20
    • Need to be bikini ready? For that clean beach look and feel, we will clean and trim around the privates. Also recommended for our longer haired friends who sometimes collect poop in the rear.
  • Specialty Breeds (Including Standard Size Doodles & Poodles)=Starting at $150